About me


Hello everyone!

My name is Ganesh Gopalan. I was born in India. I came to live in Switzerland after meeting my wife. I worked many years in the finance department with a general sense of unfulfillment. I felt I was not at the right place and was searching for the threshold of my contentment in my career.

I am now the happy father of two beautiful daughters. The doorway to my vocation opened in 2016 with the birth of my first angel. I wanted to immortalize every single moment of her life and ours with her. That’s when I bought my first digital camera without knowing that was going to transform my life. That’s also how I discovered this passion I never knew I possessed. Photography has now become the touchstone to my existence. I completed one year professional photography program with Swiss Photo Club.

I would be glad to share the beautiful moments of your life and encapsulate your story into my frame. My satisfaction resides in making those instances an incredible and unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for ?

“Photography is a tool to recreate memories and emotions. Life moves fast and is very precious as we only live once. Every image taken is an instant out of time. It allows you to rewind and relive that very particular moment as many times as you wish. It’s like a return ticket to your past.”

Ganesh Gopalan